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426526_445482778860150_1792386590_n June 7, 2013

Emergency Survival Overnight Course

My girlfriend used to think that I was crazy for overstuffing my backpack every time

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IMG_9724 March 5, 2013

31 Days to Survival. A Complete Plan for Emergency Preparedness

I like learning new things.  Things that ultimately help me become more self

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IMG_9596 January 12, 2013

Eating on the Run. Survival Foraging for Plant, Grasses, Nuts...

Survival preparedness.  It seems it is everywhere these days.  Maybe

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firetriangle August 15, 2012

Midwest Native Skills institute: The Rediscovering the Old Ways Series,...

If you’re reading this on it is fair to say that you have an

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sigma3b December 6, 2011


Sigma 3 Survival School brings together modern & primitive survival techniques

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estelacanoe1 July 6, 2011

Comprehensive Introduction to Canoeing

Estela Wilderness Education… I think of myself as a well rounded outdoorsman,

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para1 May 14, 2011

The Many Uses of Paracord

War brings out the best and worst in men.  The worst is, well, you can read

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Burner2 June 21, 2010

Making A Pocket Burner

Our resident high altitude writer for Woods Monkey, Luke, shares some ideas on how

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IMG_6107 February 23, 2010

Creating a Folding Bushcraft Knife

Modifying gear is a terrific way to spend an afternoon (or several!), and it allows

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batbelt005 August 16, 2009

The Backwoods Bat-Belt

Remember the old, campy Batman episodes with Adam West?  I do, because I remember

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