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Corsair 16GB Survivor USB Drive

Corsair Survivor

Corsair SurvivorAs we get this website up and fully running, one of the things I will be talking about in some of my articles is about the integration of technology with the outdoors.  That technology may have to do with electronics and computer technology, or just the technology that goes into making products like different kinds of alloys, grip materials, or fabrics for packs and bags.  I’ll admit I’m a pure gadget geek and my spectrum of interest runs from anything having to do with computers, photography equipment, flashlights, and also knives and guns—basically anything shiny!  That’s where my review comes in on the Corsair 16GB Survivor USB Flash Drive.


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Gossman Knives Fire Striker

Gossman Fire Striker

Gossman Fire StrikerA while back, Scott Gossman introduced a small knife like firestriker. On request/suggestion, Scott agreed to harden the FireStriker sufficiently to also be used to strike flint.  I received and tested mine at Marty and Aggie Simon’s WAR rendezous, 2006. It worked and worked pretty well. I was able to achieve huge showers of sparks from a firesteel and I was able to render good sparks from various “sparky rocks” – jasper, agate, novaculite, quartz, etc.

PWYP encampment, 2006, we used both the Gossman FireStriker and one of my homemade file strikers to conduct a mini fire making workshop. What an awesome time! Even in broad daylight, I was able to catch Matt’s sparks from the FireStriker and sparky rock in the air.


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