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2010 SHOT Show Day 4 Photos

2010-SHOT-177aWell, it’s been an interesting last few days.  On the way out of the SHOT Show in Vegas we got ambushed by snow, floods, hail, sleet, tonadoes, and I even think I saw a few locusts on the way.  We’ve been on the road night and day trying to get back home and that hasn’t given us a lot of time to post information from the last day of SHOT.  I’m sitting in the truck right now typing this out because I won’t be home until late this evening.  I edited some more pictures from SHOT while on the road just so you can see a few more things that caught our eye during the last day.  We will be posting more information from SHOT during the next week as we sort through everything and get all the information loaded.  We had a good time at the show, though it did have some issues because of the new convention center they used.  We made a lot more contacts and have already set up arrangements to get more products for review.  Some of them are very sexy–if you’re a Woods Monkey that is.  I think it’s going to be a great year for new gear!  Some of the first items we’ll be reviewing are some new knives from Spyderco, a new LED light from, and some other stuff we’re going to keep secret for a little bit.  Also, we will be posting some additional pictures tomorrow from our Associate Editor Tim Stetzer.  He has some eclectic tastes, so you may see something a little differnt or out of the ordinary that might strike your fancy.  But, stay tuned, we think you’ll like what’s coming in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, sit back and enjoy some pictures from the last day of SHOT.


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2010 SHOT Show Day 3 Photos

2010-SHOT-152aWell, it’s sad to say, but the SHOT Show is starting to wind down a bit.  The up side of that fact is that there’s less traffic and we’ve had more time to spend at each booth establishing contacts for articles down the road and getting more product information.  The down side is that since we were spending more time at each place, we didn’t get as many photos today, but we think it will pay off in the end as we have more great articles to bring you this year because of our communication with these companies.  Today, we stopped and looked at products from Marlin, Remington, CZ, Kahr, Bushnell, Mud River Dog Products, Uncle Mike’s, KA-BAR (the upstairs booth this time), Industrial Revolution/Light My Fire, Victorinox, Maxpedition, and others.  But, we’re not done yet!  We’ve still got more gound to cover tomorrow before we leave Sin City and battle the deluge of snow in front of us on I-40.  So, we’ll post up more stuff tomorrow and the next few days to wrap up some of the information that we obtained.  But, in the meantime, just go to the next page to see some more great products hitting the streets this year–some of which we’ll have in our hands very soon to review!


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New Benchmade Products, SHOT Show

Well, we posted some pictures yesterday and today from the SHOT Show, and we’ll keep on posting them.  But, we wanted to take a step back and provide you some information about some of the knives that we saw.  Benchmade has come out with some great new designs for 2010 and we’re going to cover several of them here.  The photos in this article are straight from the press disk we received and the info we post here is pulled from their new 2010 catalog.  So, we’re not going to have time to write about and cover every model.  However, we’re going to hit the ones that we think will be the most appealing products for our audience.

755_Pair_NPIa551-101_NPIaThe first of those models is the 755 model folding knife designed by Shane Siebert (right picture).  I saw a picture of it before I got to handle it in person.  I wasn’t sure how taken I would be by it, but when I got to handle it at the Benchmade booth, I was mightily impressed.  This is a real high-tech piece that’s attractive, but also very functional.  It has a 3.4 inch drop point blade made of M390 super steel.  Don’t ask me what that is.  I’ll have to research it later.  But, the mono-lock mechanism and frame is made of titanium with G10 slabs.  It has an ambidextrous thumb-stud opener and fits very well in the hand.  Like Shane’s other work, this thing is built like a tank and the user gets a very reassuring feeling from the build quality and robust construction of its design.  We’re looking forward to trying this one out down the road!


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New Products From Spyderco at SHOT Show

We had a chance to sit down with the folks at Spyderco to see what they’ve come up for this year, and as usual, they’ve come up with some very nice designs.  We covered a couple of them at the OR show back in the summer, but we included them here just in case you didn’t see them yet.  All of the information and photos below are taken directly from the press information provided by Spyderco.


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2010 SHOT Show Day 2 Photos

2010-SHOT-074aAnother day done at the 2010 SHOT Show and we keep seeing great new stuff.  The shame of it is that the show is so big, it seems like we’re only scratching the surface.  Today, we had the chance to stop by and see new products from companies like RAT Cutlery, TOPS Knives, FN, Sure Fire, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Princeton Tec, Leatherman, Wenger, Springfield Armory, and others.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve followed Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin of RAT Cutlery since they first started together, and it’s been great to see them do so well and to come out with great products that are appealing and very functional at the same time.  Today, we saw their new Junglas chopper which has a 10 inch long 1095 blade.  The blade thickness is 3/16’s inch.  They say it will be shipping in a month or so.  They also have their new Light Machete debuting at the show along with some new variations of already exisitng models.  These guys are out in the bush quite a bit and know what works in the field, and I have to say that the Junglas was an instant hit with me, and I haven’t even used it yet.  We were told that we would get a review item very soon and we’ll get that review posted as quickly as possible since we know how popular RAT Cutlery products are with our audience.  Leatherman also introduced their new Military Utility Tool which is a spin-off of their popular multi-tool line but aimed at the dedicated shooter–particularly AR platform rifles.  It’s a complex tool designed in conjunction with experts outside of Leatherman to get the most needed tools for the AR platform into the user’s hand in a functional package.  While a great looking tool, we won’t get a close look at it for a while since it’s not scheduled to ship until September.

Stay tuned this evening as we will be posting product release photos from different companies along with specs and other information.  To take a look at pictures from Todays’ rounds at the SHOT show, just go to the next page.


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2010 SHOT Show Day 1 Photos

2010-SHOT-047aIt’s good to see the traffic numbers from yesterday.  We had a whole bunch of folks stop by and check out our SHOT Show articles.  We’ve got another Photo article with pictures we took from today.  Most of our appointments and contacts today were with knife companies and accessory companies.  Tomorrow, we’re going to spend a lot more time with the gun companies to get you some shots of what they have as well.  In the mean time, you can check out some of the latest products from companies like Blackhawk, Benchmade, Ka-Bar, Condor, Spyderco, and Adventure Medical Kits.  We also got a shot of Chris Reeve’s new addition to his line of knives, and it’s a more traditional offering that we think a lot of hunters and outdoor folks are really going to enjoy.  So, check out the new product pics from today and we’ll get you some gun shots (pardon the pun) tomorrow.  We will also post up more specs and images of some of the products you see in this gallery as we pull it out of the press kits provided by the various companies.  To see today’s gallery, simply go to the next page and enjoy!


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New TOPS Knives Models for 2010 SHOT Show

NewTops1aOne of the vendors at the 2010 SHOT Show will be TOPS Knives.  It’s no secret that TOPS Knives has a vast assortment of knife models to meet just about every taste or preference.  Well, hold on to your seats because TOPS is ready to unleash another swarm of models, and what’s interesting is the different types and configurations they are coming out with this year.  We were provided a sneak peek at their new stable of knives for 2010 and we’re going to share them here with you this evening.  In this article, we’re just showing off images of their new products, but we are going to follow up with them this week and see if we can get some additional information about some of the items.  Even if you couldn’t make it to SHOT Show, take comfort in knowing that you’ll be among the first to see them since noone else has these photos and the SHOT Show hasn’t started yet.  So, grab a Coke and go to the next page to see what TOPS Knives has come up with for this year!



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2010 SHOT Show–New Products #1

2010-SHOT-015a2010-SHOT-016aAt the range today, we had an opportunity to play with several new toys just hitting the streets.  We’ll cover a few of them here today, but this article won’t encapsulate all the new products–just the ones we personally held and checked out.  First off, for the Glock fans out there, Glock has introduced their “Gen 4” series of frames for the Glock 22 and Glock 17.  There are a few nice changes to those models that will make the Glocks a lot more user-friendly.  First, there is texturing on the grips for a mroe secure hold on the pistols.  The magazine release is now oversized for easier mag changes, and it is reversible for left-handed shooters.  Additionally, they have modular backstraps that can be changed out to modify the overall size of the grip.  If you start with the smallest option, it makes the grip about 1/8 inch smaller than current models.  One step up brings it to a similar size as current models, and for those with beefy hands, they have one other backstrap that will actually make it 1/8 inch thicker than current models.  With those available options, you ought to be able to find the right size for you.  I found that the first level, called the “zero strap” felt the best for me.  Of the changes they made, I like the larger magazine release the best.  There’s a little more surface area there and it doesn’t feel like you’re jamming your thumb with a sharp stick.  I shot the Gen 4 G22 with the “Zero Strap” configuration and it was a sweet shooter.  It felt really nice in the hands.  The only bad thing about the Gen 4 changes is that they are for the G22 and G17 only right now.  You won’t find them on the G19 or G23.  I’d like to see them make the same changes to their compact lines as well.

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2010 SHOT Show Media Day Photos

2010-SHOT-026aToday was Media Day at the range for the 2010 SHOT Show.  The show doesn’t officially start until tomorrow, but we had a chance to get outside and play around with some of the new products for this year.  Unfortunately, it was raining and quite dreary, so it wasn’t the best day for picture taking.  But, we still got a few shots together for you to give you the highlights of what was at the range.  We’ll follow up this evening to talk a bit more about some of the items that are in the pictures.  Also, we visited the media room and got some press kits from a bunch of different companies.  So, we’ll also be uploading the big news from them tonight and tomorrow as well.  Throughout the week, we’ll be posting photos and additional news as it becomes available.  To see the pictures from today’s range session, just go to the next page.



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