Maxpedition Condor II

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Mercworx Sniper Pack

Main Storage Compartment:

1 Gerber Folding Wood and Bone Saw
1 Extra Pair of Columbia Titanium Lightweight, compressible Pants
1 Extra shirt
2 extra pairs of socks
1 Pair of leather Bionic Work Gloves
1 spare pair of old glasses in hard case
1 little glasses repair kit
1 set of Nikon Monarch Binoculars
2 bandannas
3 large construction grade trash bags
1 Waterproof Otterbox of 20 spare lithium and alkaline AA batteries (just about everything I have in pack runs on AA batteries)
1 extra fuel can for Jetboil
1 Portable CB/Weather Channel Radio
1 mini-ear plug for radio (for quiet listening)
1 8’x10’ Sil-Tarp
1 metal cup that fits nalgene bottle
1 flattened half-roll of duct tape
1 Zip lock bag of ball-type short bungee cords
1 300 foot spool of paracord

Personal Hygeine Pouch:

1 small mirror
2 chapsticks
1 contact lens case
4 extra razor blades
1 razor
1 small bar of soap
1 washcloth
1 small shampoo
1 small toothpaste
1 small deodorant
1 small hand sanitizer
1 pack Kleenex
1 small bottle Listerine (antiseptic)
1 full bottle of Rhinecort (allergy med.)
1 small bottle contact lens solution
3 extra pairs of contact lenses
1 folding toothbrush
1 mini flossing tool

Medical Pouch:

2 Compression Bandages
1 OD Triangle Bandage (37x37x52)
1 AMK Blister Medic Pack
1 AMK Personal Medical Pouch supplemented with some things like syringe, Povidine Iodine pouches, eyewash applicators, butterfly bandages, and single application foil pouches of Kanka, hydrocortisone, triple antibiotic, latex gloves, and mini bottle of salt, and sterile povidine swabs.
1 Sam Splint
1 Ace Bandage
1 CPR Microshield
2 rolls of gauze
1 field suture kit with 8 packs of assorted sutures.
1 Medium Zip-lock pouch of mini zip-lock pouches each with 25 of the following;  ibuprofen, Tylenol, aleve, benadryl, Vick’s Dayquil, Imodium AD, and another pouch of assorted single application creams like Kanka, hydrocortisone, triple antibiotic.
1 pack of Assorted pain meds, and muscle relaxers.
1 Sawyer Extractor Snakebite Kit
1 Medium Pouch of about 50 assorted gauze pads, large bandages, burn dressings, etc.
2 rolls first aid tape
1 Pack Kleenex
1 small tin of tweezers, liquid bandage, assorted single application creams, bee sting treatment, lidocaine.
1 Large Zip-lock pack including 2 bottles iodine, tube of Cortaid, bottle of eyewash, three containers super-glue, 1 tube triple-antibiotic, 1 small tube of Polysporin, 2 small containers of Quick-Stop bleeding powder, and a few assorted scalpel blades.

Survival Pouch:

1 Hoffman Harpoon
1 Starflash Signal Mirror ** Need to replace
1 roll Spiderwire 8lb test
1 roll braided fishing line 45lb test
1 Lansky double-sided folding knife sharpener.
1 rectangular Tupperware container holding  three mini-zip lock pouches containing about 30 small strips of surveyor’s tape, mini-flint and cotton tinder tabs, and 20 assorted safety pins.  Also in this Tupperware container is fingernail clippers, two coils of brass snare wire, 1 Witchblade flint stiker, 1 Fox Micro whistle, 1 container of lifeboat matches, 1 small vial of potassium permanganate, 1 small vial of glycerin, 1 small ceramic sharpening rod, 1 tube superglue, 1 chap stick, two scalpel blades, and 1 space pen.
1 rectangular Tupperware container holding 1 pouch of four large gigging hooks, 1 mini-zip lock pouch of more cotton tinder tabs and mini flint striker and flint, 1 mini-zip of three sewing bobbins of fishing line and industrial strength sewing thread.  3 mini-zips of assorted lures, 1 mini-zip of assorted split-shot sinkers, 1 survival capsule full of various size hooks, 1 mini Swiss Army Knife, 1 fish hook sharpener, 1 small round float, 1 medium round float, 2 vertical wood floats, 1 wooden roll of fishing line made by Chris Janowsky.
2 gill nets
2 speed hook rigs
3 Thompson snares
1 Bic lighter
1 Leatherman Wave
1 Fox 40 Survival Whistle
1 container Ben’s insect repellant
1 bottle Potable Aqua and 1 bottle PA Plus
1 tin of fire-starting Maya Dust

Kitchen Pouch:

1 P-38 can opener
2 small spatulas
1 Titanium Spork
1 small measuring spoon set
1 very small and sharp kitchen knife (Scandi-type blade)
1 small folding egg/pancake flipper
3 Swiss Spice salt/pepper and spice shakers

Outside Storage Compartment:

6 Moutain House Meals for two
6 Cliff energy bars  (probably better to get Datrox Bars)
1 Zip-loc bag of Werther’s hard candy

Front Map Compartment:

1 Garmin GPS manual
*****Should have a map in here as well

Right Hand Storage Compartment:

1 Pock-Kit pistol cleaning kit (.45)
10 mini aluminum tent stakes bound by ranger band  **Needed?
1 Gerber Mini Pocket Saw
1 Charlie May D2 Big Hand Knife
2 AA Mini Mag-lites (1 with red filter) with lithium batteries.
1 long multi-compartment tube of screws, small nails, shot sinkers, hooks, and safety pins.
1 Princeton-Tec H-20 Multi Mode LED headlamp (lithium batteries)
1 small wind-up led flashlight (requires no batteries)
1 Gransfors Bruks Wildlife hatchet (in behind pocket pass-through)

Left Hand Storage Compartment:

1 Jetboil Cooking System
1 Cold Steel LTC Kukri in Leather Sheath (in behind pocket pass-through)

Left Hand Large Magazine Compartment:

1 Steripen Set (had to put cap in other compartment)

Right Hand Large Magazine Compartment:

1 Garmin 60CSx GPS
1 Spyderco Sharp Maker

Small Magazine Compartments:

2 loaded Glock 21 Magazines

Attached To Back Of Pack:

2 Nalgene Water Bottles with Guyot Designs Gryption Tops
1 large locking gate carabiner
1 Oregon Research Waterproof Seattle Sombrero

Fanny Pack:

I have a leather fanny pack that contains the following items.  I keep this fanny pack attached to the BOB so I remember it since I can wear it on my waist, and if I have to drop the pack, I still have essentials to survive on right there.  The fanny pack is also handy for items I would use frequently, like a compass.  Here are the contents:

·    Pouch of cotton fire tabs
·    Bottle of Potable Aqua and PA Plus
·    Container of life boat matches
·    3 #11 Scalpel blades
·    1 compact and flat sewing kit with needles and thread
·    Starflash Signal Mirror
·    Flat Duct Tape Holder (30 ft. of tape)
·    1 roll of Fireline 8lb test fishing line
·    1 very compact fishing kit with bunch of hooks, several lures and flies, about 40 split shot sinkers, a sewing bobbin of fishing line, and two large gigging hooks taped to the inside of the top of the kit.
·    1 medium bottle of potassium permanganate
·    1 bottle of Ben’s insect repellent
·    1 Army Firesteel
·    1 Stainless Steel Screw Top container of strike-anywhere matches.
·    Package of 50 ft. of paracord
·    1 roll of extra-strong carpet sewing thread
·    1 Silva Trekker Model 420 compass
·    1 3 cell AA Mini-Mag LED light
·    1 Rob Simonich design Talon in 154CM on a beaded neck strap.


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