• Woods Monkey made it into the BRONCO 2023 issue of TREAD Magazine. Their Gear Up column, Top Outdoor Tools and Gadgets of 2023 You Need to Know About, recommends the Monkey Board organizer to wrangle all your stuff. “Monkey Boards are the perfect way to organize gear in your pocket, your bag, or your rig.” See the full article on newsstands or on their website.

  • I’m diggin’ this Banana Peel folder from @thewoodsmonkey. It’s hefty but slim and a bit bigger than expected. Woods capable and pocket practical. Definitely my new outdoor co-pilot. The only question is, how many more? - Doug, customer

  • Woods monkey in its natural environment [It's camouflaged in the upper left] on an afternoon adventure. This blade has stolen the show for edc folder. It’s cleaned fish, made dinner, started fire and I honestly need 2 more so I’m never without one lol. I’m the most critical person ever when it comes to folders super high end to low end I find a reason to get rid of it and the banana peel is perfect! Definitely a forever kinda knife. Absolutely love everything about it. -Pat, customer

  • My most used blade. - David W., customer

What is a Modular Friction Folder Anyway?


Three screws let you customize the steel, grind, shape of your blades and the thickness of your handles


We have the latest hot rod steels available including Magna-cut, AEB-L and A2!


Choose from 0.080 Kydex all the way up to 3/8" Micarta or G10 for hundreds of Banana Peel options


12 different blade shapes to find the right one for what you want to cut!