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  • Woods Monkey in the News!

    Woods Monkey is very excited to be featured in the current issue of Recoil Offgrid magazine. The Monkey Board organizer is highlighted in their Gear Up column. The review shows how the Monkey Board solves the problem of how to organize your stuff. We developed the Monkey Board to get control of all your stuff, in pockets or packs. “Woods Monkey, a company that believes in tactical organization, came up with a solution that is elegant in its simplicity.” See the full review on newsstands or on their website Recoil OffGrid.

What is a Modular Friction Folder Anyway?


Three screws let you customize the steel, grind, shape of your blades and the thickness of your handles


We have the latest hot rod steels available including Magna-cut, AEB-L and A2!


Choose from 0.080 Kydex all the way up to 3/8" Micarta or G10 for hundreds of Banana Peel options


12 different blade shapes to find the right one for what you want to cut!