Brautigam Expedition Works

We had the pleasure of meeting Pete Brautigam of Braugtigam Expedition  Works at the Georgia Bushcraft Fall Gathering in 2023. We were immediately impressed by his lightweight, innovative gear. Pete makes a full line of camping tools from titanium. He was able to turn his passion and expertise into a thriving business. He is a small business making his products in the USA the right way, with attention to detail and excellent customer service. We are excited to have BEW join the Woods Monkey team.  

Pete Brautigam, owner and craftsman of Brautigam Expedition Works LLC has spent the last two decades honing his skills, engineering, and building durable industrial tools in the defense, agricultural & mining industry. This has been his calling since high school. Pete's other passion is spending as much time as possible in the outdoors, especially when the temperature drops below zero. Favorites include multi-day solo expeditions in the BWCA and multi-state bike-packing trips.

Often designing and building much of his own gear, Pete decided to take those solutions to the next level and in June of 2022, Brautigam Expedition Works LLC was established, with the mission to create the most durable, well thought out camping products on the market.

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