PNW Bushcraft

When we started Woods Monkey, we knew we had to partner with PNW Bushcraft. We'd known them for a few years and had grown to love everything about them - their values, their business philosophy, and especially their products.  

PNW Bushcraft makes heirloom-quality waxed canvas gear in Washington State. They are truly a family. All the employees are family members who make the gear right on their property. They started making products for themselves when they couldn't find what they wanted in the market. Although their business has blossomed, they still make gear like it's for themselves - innovative, practical, and lasts season after season. They genuinely care about their customers like family.

They have a full range of waxed canvas gear made in the USA, with canvas sourced from a company that has been in business since the late 1800s. They continually create and design products based on their imagination and customer requests.